Are you managing the essentials to keep your WordPress site safe?

WordPress is used as a content management system for over 25% of the websites in the world [Source]. There’s good reason — it’s simple enough for bloggers to share family recipes while also being robust enough for developers to build complex business websites. But because WordPress is so popular, it give hackers a big pool to play in. Don’t take it personally. They … Read more

Web and Design Resource Round up 2014

Web and digital technology changes so often, by the time a book is published about the newest, best thing, it’s pretty close to being obsolete. Everyone who makes their living building websites uses online resources and an amazing network of other professionals. Here’s my 2014 round up of helpful resources: WordPress – Robust web … Read more

Do you know where your domain and hosting lives? You should.

What does “website management” mean? It means Surelutions will be your web administrator. We will keep track of your domain name registration, web hosting renewals, ftp user access, and other administrative tasks that may require logging in to your site host control panel. Why would you want Surelutions to manage your website? Do you know … Read more

A quick lesson on fonts and how to use ’em

There are basic rules-of-thumb followed by good designers when choosing fonts. The guidelines below apply to any documents, with special notes about website design as well. Your readers will thank you for learning these basics! Use standard fonts for your primary content. For websites, it is important to use standard fonts to ensure that your … Read more