What are some alternatives to a small business website?

A few months ago, a colleague and I presented an introductory seminar titled, “So You Want a Website”. It was attended by new business owners, hobbyists and artists, board members from local nonprofits, independent consultants, and others. We covered the basics from buying a domain names to content planning to promoting your site. One of … Read more

Play along: 10 types of stock images you should avoid

If you are putting together a blog post, newsletter, or presentation, you probably know how tedious it can be to find good quality stock images for visual appeal. To break up the monotony, here is a fun game you can play. Give yourself 1 point every time you come across one of these images, and 2 … Read more

Special offer from Surelutions to kick off 2016

If you’re a new or small business, and getting a website has been on your “guilt list” for a while now, here is your chance to get started. Surelutions is offering a limited number of spots for people to sign up for a 1-page website, built on the WordPress platform (meaning it will have room to grow … Read more