50 Call-to-Action (CTA) Ideas for Nonprofit Websites

Most nonprofit organizations have a good sense that they need to get people to their website through Google, social media, etc. But what happens once someone does land on your website? Is there a clear action for them to take? What would you like them to DO once they are on your website?

The most important action that you want your visitor to take is a Call to Action (or CTA). A business is trying to make a sale, while nonprofit organization has a mission. So instead of a “Buy Now” button, you might have a “Donate” button. If your visitor is not yet ready to donate, you may have a Secondary CTA, like Subscribe or Sign a Petition, that keeps them engaged with you.

If your nonprofit's website needs a Call-to-Action tune up, here are 50 CTA ideas to get you started:

  1. Donate
  2. Contact us
  3. Join our mailing list
  4. Take the survey
  5. Pledge
  6. Sign the petition
  7. Get involved
  8. Volunteer
  9. Sign up
  10. Join us
  11. Your voice matters
  12. Make a difference
  13. Become a member
  14. Be the change
  15. Buy tickets
  16. Support the cause
  17. Use your voice
  18. Raise your voice
  19. Join the fight
  20. Stand with us
  21. Partner with us
  22. Take the first step
  23. Sponsor a … (family, artist, animal, child, etc.)
  24. Advocate for change
  25. Take a tour
  26. Explore resources
  27. Call today
  28. Take action
  29. I want to help
  30. Help us
  31. Protect our rights
  32. See opportunities
  33. Get in touch
  34. Shop our store
  35. Speak up
  36. Act now
  37. Download our guide
  38. Make a gift
  39. How to help
  40. Register
  41. Reserve your spot
  42. Watch video
  43. Yes, I'm in
  44. Find help
  45. Apply
  46. Talk to us
  47. Find a … (mentor/job/opportunities/match, etc.)
  48. Schedule a visit
  49. Get access now
  50. Become a sponsor

Once you choose your call-to-action, be sure it's easy for your visitors to find. Your most important action or primary CTA should stand out from the rest of your content and be positioned in a prominent place on your website.

So, which Primary CTA and Secondary CTA are the best fit for your nonprofit's mission?