What’s the difference between categories vs tags in WordPress?

WordPress has two primary types of content: pages and posts. In a typical website setup, this is how pages and posts are used: Pages are used for your primary content such as home page, about page, contact page, etc. Posts are used for news, updates, announcements and other topics that are continually added. Posts are … Read more

Beginner’s guide to WordPress security best practices

Updated 2/18/22. Originally published August 9, 2018 Are you leaving your doors unlocked? WordPress powers more than 40% of all websites. It’s used by both experts and beginners, and our preferred website tool at Surelutions. Unfortunately, many WordPress sites are not properly maintained. The combination of popularity and neglect makes outdated sites an easy target … Read more

How to add a user with limited access to your PayPal or Stripe account

We frequently help our clients set up GiveWP donation forms, WooCommerce products and subscriptions, Gravity Forms with payment options, and many other integrations that involve PayPal or Stripe. The tricky part of this process is that we need access to their accounts to set up the connections. As the web experts, we don’t want to … Read more

How to add a user with limited access to your PayPal or Stripe account

Website Success Checklist: 15 Ways to Improve the Effectiveness of Your Website

Your website has a purpose. For a nonprofit organization, the purpose of your website is to guide people to your services, attract donors and sponsors, and increase awareness and visibility in the community. You can use your website as a powerful communication tool to connect the dots between people who need you and your mission. … Read more