Auto-Updating Privacy Policy and Terms of Service


This product is for the set up and adding Termageddon’s auto-updating policies (Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, Cookie Policy as well as Disclaimer if needed) to your website.

NOTE: These services are provided by Termageddon with Surelutions as your web agency to implement the code and post the policies on your website. Surelutions is not legally responsible for Termageddon's services or liable for the policies as presented on your website. Please consult an attorney if you need legal advice on your website privacy policies, terms and conditions, cookies policy, and disclaimer.

You may also sign up for Termageddon directly, without going through Surelutions. If you're a Care Plan client, just send us the links of your generated policies and we'll add them at no additional cost.

Read Surelution's blog post about Privacy Policies