Not sure you need design help? See if you’re happy with your answers to these 10 questions

As all small business owners know, sometimes you get so caught up in the day-to-day work of keeping your business running, that you're not even aware your online presence needs help. Here are 10 quick questions to help you decide if you may need our help. Why not take the pressure off yourself and let us help you?

  1. Do you have a website? If so, does your website reflect the quality and personality of your business?
  2. Have you updated the content on your website in the past 60 days? If not, are you too busy or just don't understand how to make updates?
  3. Are you paying a monthly subscription fee to rent a web page from the Yellow Pages or association-based website membership? Is the monthly rate adding up to thousands of dollars? Do you lose your website if you cancel your subscription?
  4. Are your business listings on Google and other search engines accurate and complete?
  5. Do your marketing materials say ‘See our website to learn more', but your site doesn't actually have more information on it?
  6. Do you know where your domain is registered and your website is hosted? Do you know when it expires and who's listed as the contact? Do you know that if your credit card expires you risk losing your website entirely?
  7. Are you happy with your logo and your printed marketing pieces and ads? When was the last time they got an updated look?
  8. Do you have high resolution, high quality files of your logo in various sizes?
  9. Have you ever had a professional take a look at your website, logo and marketing materials and advise you on what could be improved?
  10. Have you updated your WordPress core files and plugins lately?

If you're not satisfied with the answers you gave to these questions, it's time to invest some time and resources to enhance or build your online presence and branding. We'd be glad to help.